Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The difference between a Quincenera and a Sweet 16?

A coming of age ceremony that an American girl has is a sweet 16. A Latin American or Mexican girl has a Quinceanera. A sweet 16 is a party for a young girl turning 16. A Quinceanera is given to a girl on there 15th birthday .The two are very different but at the same time they are very alike. The two ceremonies have some similarities. First of all they both mark the transition of childhood to womanhood. They both are a form of a party or birthday celebration. These two are traditions for different cultures.

The differences that the two ceremonies have are that a Quinceanera is more of a ballroom setting. In which case a sweet 16 can be ballroom, casual,formal, or semi-formal. A Quincenera is given to a 14 year old girl on their 15th birthday, in which case a sweet 16 is given to a 15 year old girl on their 16th birthday. At a Quincenera it is basically a celebration of the coming of age of a 15yr.old. The celebration includes a ceremony, dance, and some words of advice of their young girl’s mother.

A Sweet 16 is ceremony of the young girl’s virginity. Also a Sweet 16 can be anything as simple as a house party, or dinner at a restaurant. It is not as elegant as a Quincenera but it is a celebration of American culture. A Quincenera’s setting is like a wedding, very very formal. Even though the two are different they are still celebrations.


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